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classy girl classic lashes

120 min

Classy yet chic, individual lash extensions. This is for a more naturally enhanched look. Sophistication is key!


flirty girl Hybrid lashes

120 min

This is a fabulous way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to individual lash extensions. You get a full set while still looking natural!


Glamour Volume Lashes

120 min

Bring on the lash! Nice and full individual lash extensions. If you're looking for volume here's where you start.


Luxe Mega Volume lashes

120 min

Lash, lash and more lash! This is the fullest set of lashes you can get! The ultimate volume look for individual lash extensions.




75 min

Every 2 weeks you should schedule a refill to keep your lashes full and beautiful. 

extended lash refill


75 min

This refill is specifically for over 3 weeks in bewteen lash appointments.

Lash removal

30 min

Individual lash removal.


Strip lash application

15 min

Strip lash application.


If you are a certified lash specialist seeking employment, please head over to our Careers page to apply

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